Travelettes of Bangladesh
Empower women through traveling

Anniversary of Travelettes of Bangladesh

Travelettes of Bangladesh-ভ্রমণকন্যা is a group that aims to promote female traveling all over the country.Travelettes stands for "A Group of Female Travelers" .Our group will be starting it's 4th year journey on 27th November 2019 With this occasion in mind & to encourage traveling among everyone we have arranged a national photography competition and exhibition for the third time.Both males and females are highly encouraged to participate in our photography exhibition & visit the exhibition.

The details of our scheduled programme is given below.

Date of Exhibition : 27th November- 30th November.
Time: 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm (27th November)
            10:00 am-8:00 pm (28th November -30 th November)
Prize giving ceremony will be on 30th November in addition with an amazing & dazzling cultural programme including bands performing live!
Venue: Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

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Travelettes of Bangladesh

Travelettes of Bangladesh is the first female online traveling organisation in Bangladesh which aims at empowering women through all possible means. It's the largest organisation including 31000+ female members.It has arranged the first travel photography exhibition in the country for two years in a row Under this organisation,4 women have travelled all around the country with motorcycles,which is the first time in the history of Bangladesh Travelettes of Bangladesh was invited in Malaysia, China and India to talk about women empowerment.

Travelettes of Bangladesh is not only just an ordinary online travel group, rather it's a platform of 31,000+ girls of Bangladesh. It promotes empowerment of women by telling them, teaching them to raise their voices,going out of their home, speaking out,seeing the beauty of the country through their own eyes. Sounds normal maybe, but being a Bangladeshi, where girls are taught to lower their gazes, be confined to their homes, that's actually saying something. Our main motto is: 'Empower women through traveling'.

We believe,traveling broadens your outlook.If you can see the world for yourself,you are bound to take a step forward in your life. Gender discrimination? No way.We only want equalization. We want to step up to the position,where the men in our country are and then step more & more forward.

Narir Chokhe Bangladesh

'Narir Chokhe Bangladesh' or 'Bangladesh through women's eyes' is a project that started under Travelettes of Bangladesh on 6th April 2016. The aim was to travel all the 64 districts of Bangladesh to aware people about women empowerment. So,4 girls,led by Dr. Sakia Haque & Dr. Manoshi Saha, for the first time in the history of Bangladesh traveled all around the country, talked with around 40,000 school-going girls about Beautiful Bangladesh, her Independence & menstrual health.They conducted a workshop on self-defense and tried to make the girls confident and aware of their freedom and right to travel. They closed the project on 5th May,2019 at Mohammadpur Preparatory High School and the last 64th district was Dhaka.

One issue that we are currently facing in Bangladesh is that women are negligible about their menstrual health. Using sanitary pads is still not an option to many due to it's cost and availability or mainly due to lack of knowledge. Our work is at the grassroot level.We made this my mission of my life to encourage school-going girls to use sanitary pads other than unhygienic clothes, teaching them about the menstrual health and letting them know about the reproductive system of female, which is a taboo topic in our country.

Our work is praised by all the people of Bangladesh. Many started similar projects and took a step towards this problem. We were featured in different countries including Italy, Belgium & France .A documentary was made by BBC on us to support our cause