Travelettes of Bangladesh
Empower women through traveling

Travelettes of Bangladesh

Travelettes of Bangladesh is not only just an ordinary online travel group, rather it's a platform of 24,000+ girls of Bangladesh. It promotes empowerment of women by telling them, teaching them to raise their voices,going out of their home, speaking out,seeing the beauty of the country through their own eyes. Sounds normal maybe, but being a Bangladeshi, where girls are taught to lower their gazes, be confined to their homes, that's actually saying something. Our main motto is: 'Empower women through traveling'.

We believe,traveling broadens your outlook.If you can see the world for yourself,you are bound to take a step forward in your life. Gender discrimination? No way.We only want equalization. We want to step up to the position,where the men in our country are and then step more & more forward.

Our Team

Dr. Manoshi Saha
Founder and President

Dr. Sakia Haque
Founder and General Secretary

Silvy Rahman
Vice President

Kazi Shanta
Vice Secretary

Tumpa Pramanik
Secretary,Information and Planning

Nazmun Nahar Mukta Organizational and Magazine Editor

Rumana Rashid Tandra
Secretary, Promotion & Publication

Mahjabeen Ferdous Prova
Secretary,Food and Stall

Sukhi Sultana

Nijhum Rifa
Secretary, Cultural Program

Sadiyatul Muntaha Zidni

Muntaha Rumman Aurthy

Sayeda Erin Jahan

Shamsun Nahar Suma
Office Secretary

Jannatul Ferdous Shuva
Coordinator of volunteers

Nusratjahan Rizvi
Joint Coordinator of volunteers

Asma Akter
Secretary ,Self Defence

Noushin Akter
Joint Secretary ,Self Defence